Why iTaurus?
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Optimal IT Infrastructure for Windows Systems

iTaurus grabs your EDV problems by the horns! We bring you the strongest IT solutions for your business – stable networks, virus protections, server hosting and more!

A well-functioning IT network is indispensable to virtually every business today. Professional IT consulting, effective IT security and a strategic maintenance plan create optimal conditions for your success.

At iTaurus we offer you the maximum in competence and reliability with minimal effort. Whether you would like to use the full range of services or to employ our non-binding consultation service, our top-quality team has the right answer for every question. We put our lifeblood and passion into your IT solutions!

iTaurus customers have the choice between professional IT support with or without a contract. With a contract we take care of all maintenance, support and server hosting. We are also the best choice for restructuring your IT infrastructure: our customers tell us what they’d like to do, and we take the necessary actions to reach their goals.

Even without a contract we are always at your side. In case of emergencies, the iTaurus team provides immediate assistance and disaster recovery. We respond promptly and immediately provide an on-site technician.

Outsourcing IT administrators to iTaurus brings many advantages, especially to mid-sized and large companies.

  • An experienced team of certified specialists is at the ready 24/7
  • Quick intervention over a secure remote maintenance connection
  • Cost savings – additional labour costs for salaried internal IT administrators are
    eliminated, as are holiday absences or sick leave
  • Very technically competent
  • Quick reaction time in emergencies

Have questions? We’d be happy to help!

The competent iTaurus Team is happy to answer any of your questions. Send us a contact request!