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Security & Emergency Planning with iTaurus in case of emergency

We fight for a seamless business flow and won’t throw in the towel during emergencies!

Security and emergency planning plays an important role for any company, because when the computer network fails, the company goes down. Our many years of experience have made us experts in the areas of Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery, IT Security and Maintenance Plans!

Business Continuity

Do you know what to do when your Electronic Data Processing suddenly stops working? For situations like these, you should have a plan in place before it happens to avoid a total disaster. The fact is, most IT systems are made up of a number of interdependent components, so if one element goes wrong that’s enough to do damage across the whole system.

In order to protect your company from unwanted consequences and to ensure that your business runs smoothly, we will develop a business continuity plan for you. Here we focus on the main requirements of your network and then analyse which parts of the system are necessary to keep the operation running. We then create concepts for how individual parts can be protected against breakdowns.

Disaster Recovery

If data loss occurs in the event of a failure, our Disaster Recovery Team is ready to help. We distinguish ourselves here above all by our fast reaction times: in the event of an emergency we either take control of the situation via remote maintenance or, if necessary, immediately send a technician out to you. Another advantage: we will provide a specialist specifically for the affected area.

Routine Maintenance and IT Security

To reduce the likelihood of outages we offer regular maintenance packages: we check the hardware, replace old components, and update the software. For this we monitor servers, firewalls, routers and clients. This is the best way to prevent losses.

Always available in case of an emergency

Our experts are quick, dependable and always available. Just give us a call! +43 662 452 328