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How secure is your IT network?

A network with armour! We protect you from hackers with the right antivirus program

You never know how safe a system is until you try to hack into it. We know that if we can do it, so can malicious hackers. IT security is a very important issue these days and is absolutely essential to any business. That’s why, upon request, we conduct a thorough security audit, which checks your network for vulnerabilities. Together, we then analyse your security needs and create a tailor-made IT security concept for your company.

Our certified experts check individual safety devices as well as their interaction. We will then produce a detailed and independent report on your current security status. To increase IT security and minimise risks, we provide our customers with security-hardening concepts and their implementation.

An all-around secure IT system with iTaurus

Antivirus programs and firewalls are far from enough to ensure the IT security of your company data. Non-updated systems and weak passwords are also a target for viruses and hackers. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that data are often leaked by employees and ex-employees.

For this reason, in addition to software updates, complex passwords, antivirus programs and firewalls, you must also have internal security policies in place to reduce the risk of data hijacking. You cannot protect yourself 100% against data theft, but the size of the damage incurred from an attack can be significantly reduced.

Our IT security offer includes:

  • Virus protection/Antivirus/Firewall against hackers, malware, trojans and viruses
  • Independent security audits (also usable as the foundation for possible lawsuits)
  • Penetration testing – examination for weak points in your system, conceptual deficiencies, deficiencies in implementations, and risk areas
  • Policy check – examination of safety-related company policies and whether there is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Control of IT security regarding web servers, databank, system and firewall control

Free consultation with IT security experts

You value the security of your company data and would like a consultation? Give us a call or send us an email!