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The iTaurus Firewall Box: effective and affordable

Use the many advantages of the Firewall Box from iTaurus
and let the hackers go up in flames!

At iTaurus we use open-source software where it makes sense to do so. It not only saves the expensive licence costs, but open-source solutions are also often technically superior. Since the development of the award-winning 2006 firewall system, over 100 systems have been installed. The biggest advantages of the Firewall Box are that it is powerful, affordable, scalable and flexible.

The different varieties of the Firewall Box

We offer different varieties of the Firewall Box to meet your specific needs:

Embedded Edition
– The entry-level version for smaller businesses installs VPN channels and on-location connections that can handle up to 30 Mb.

Standard Edition
– This variation can be expanded with numerous features, such as anti-spam and server monitoring. It is available as a 19″ rack component, as a standalone unit or as a virtual appliance.

Enterprise Edition
– Suitable for use in large companies, this variation supports, among other things, Active/Active Clustering. This means that different resources are used simultaneously to secure various computer clusters. So there can be virtually no downtime. The Firewall Box is operated here on 2-4-way servers.

Protect your network with the iTaurus Firewall Box

Do you still have questions about the Firewall Box or would you like to know more about general IT security? Contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.