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Your iTaurus Cloud Services

High performance for a low price
– we will easily spot any security weaknesses!

iTaurus offers flexible cloud systems that are customised to your needs. Customers can use the iTaurus Cloud, set up a private cloud, or manage their data through a hybrid cloud.

The iTaurus Cloud stores your data in a highly accessible data centre – for absolute IT security! The data centre of Telekom Austria is optimally suited for the data protection of small and medium-sized enterprises, because through the use of the latest technologies, all systems within the cloud are designed to be fail-safe and scalable. In addition, the iTaurus Cloud combines different technologies and services, which allows the system to be adapted to our customers’ various needs. To optimise resource allocation, we use the latest virtualisation technologies.

Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud for iTaurus Customers

For particularly high data security, we will set up a cloud system specifically for you, in which only your systems operate: your private cloud. The most important thing here is that no data are stored with third parties, e.g. Microsoft or Google.

If you want to use certain systems from the Microsoft or Google clouds (such as Office 365 or Google Docs) while storing more sensitive data more securely, you can opt for a hybrid cloud. With this combination, security-related systems are stored in a private cloud while elements from the Microsoft / Google Cloud are still available.

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